1. What is the difference between Product workshop and Photography workshop?

  2. Product workshops are conducted indoors with the objective of guiding new users of Olympus E-System DSLR thru the various useful functions. At the end of the session, participants will be well-versed with the handling of the camera with basic photography skills learnt. On the other hand, Photography workshop are meant for amateurs to photography who are already savvy with the Olympus E-System DSLR. The various photography workshops are conducted outdoors and are guided by experienced photographers with the objective of learning the skills and techniques related to each specific photography field.

  3. Who can attend the workshops?

  4. The workshops are specially planned for users of Olympus E-System. All participants are encouraged to bring their own DSLR for the sessions.

  5. How much do I have to pay for the workshops?

  6. Product workshops (worth $89) are conducted FREE and open to all Olympus E-System owners. Photography workshops are worth $200 but are subsidized for Olympus E-System users and their friends. Each photography workshop costs SGD$25 (inclusive of GST) for an Olympus E-System user. Each user can bring up to 2 friends at SGD$50 (inclusive of GST) per friend. Kindly note that the workshops are conducted specific to the functions and operations of Olympus E-System. Hence, non-Olympus E-System DSLRs are not allowed for the workshops. You will be pleased to know that FREE loan sets are available for those who would like to try it out. Simply drop us an email prior to the workshop date (subjected to availability).

  7. What do I need to bring for the workshop?

  8. For each successful workshop registration, you will receive a confirmation email. Kindly bring the email along for prove of registration. You must also bring along your camera, camera warranty card for endorsement and accessories if you have. For outdoor photography, you are encouraged to bring a water bottle with you.

  9. How do I cancel registration for a workshop?

  10. Product and Photography workshop cancellations have to be performed 3 working days before the workshops commence. In any case by which you are unable to inform Olympus Imaging Singapore of your cancellation 3 working days before the workshops commence, it would be taken that your seat has been confirmed and fees paid are strictly non-refundable. Kindly refer to point 7 below for the relevant contact information.

  11. How long does the workshop lasts?

  12. Each workshop will last approximately 3 hours.

  13. Where are the workshops held?

  14. Product workshops are held in Olympus Studio which is located at 438B Alexandra Road, Alexandra Technopark BLK B, #03-07/12, Singapore 119968. Photography workshops are held at various locations. Kindly refer to your confirmation email for more details on meeting location and time. For more details on how to get to Olympus Studio, please refer to here.

  15. Who can I contact for more information on the workshops?

  16. Feel free to contact our Customer Service hotline at 1800-OLYMPUS (1800-6596787) or email us at tech_support.oisp@olympus-ap.com for any other enquiries.


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